About Montana Child Protection Alliance-

The Montana Child Protection Alliance (MCPA) is a non-profit dedicated to raising awareness of children’s rights in Montana and advocating for due process as annotated in MCA 41-7-102. This section of Montana law is focused on ensuring the health of Montana families through support and preservation services, while at the same time maximizing resources in a comprehensive and coordinated manner.

Based on legislative audits, Ombudsman’s findings, and our experience working with Montana families for the past 5 years, families often need assistance navigating the child welfare system and understanding their rights. MCPA believes that to help bring better outcomes for the safety and health of our children, family’s needs can be best met by encouraging them and connecting them to resources that can address their individual needs.

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We all want to see a system that works, that protects children, preserves parent’s rights, and strengthens families. MCPA acts as an advocate and resource to and works for improvements in law, policy, and implementation of child protection services. By helping children, we can help families for generations to come.

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